Monday, January 11, 2010

12 jan 10 tuesday

You have disappeared since yesterday our last chat on noon.
Tried to call you many times but your hp was off .
After called your mom this morning den i know u haven went back home since last night.

Where have you been ??
Do you know i worry sick for you !!
So many bad happens keep flashing through my mind.

I couldnt stop crying since last night till now.

You never been like this before.
Whenever your hp low batt , you will use shop phone and call me.
You will ran home and charge your phone and immediately call me.

Because u afraid i will get angry...

I really hope nothing will happen to you.

This is the very first time i felt that i losing you .
I really afraid living without you .

I promised to be a good gal from now on.
Can you come back and stop playing hide and seek with me?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Been busy rushing homework .
Choosing designs , color etc....

Everything goes well is only the selection of Shops .
It seems like i cant find a shop that is below my budget.

*I'm looking for 50-100 sqf shop space around west or central area for Fashion trade.

If you have any shop that meet my requirement

Please feel free to email me @

Thank you

Monday, January 04, 2010

♥ Good bye 2009

Let's welcome 2010 with a Special ♥ ...

A new start year , A new revolution

♥ Happy Family Happy Me :)

♥ Stay Healthy always

♥ Business Trip on March

♥ New Opening shop on March - April '10

♥ Earn Money

♥ More Overseas Trips

♥ Cherish relationship , More true friends please

♥ No more nonsense

♥ 43kg

♥ Fringe grow longer , Hair extention back.

♥ Memorable 21st Bday

♥ More Independent & Persistence

♥ Balance my time well

♥ More Labels . LV
31th dec '09 thurs

New year eve Countdown @ Club Atlantis .
Of course with my dearest love :)

I love them and i really hope that we will have countless of countdown celebration together .

Why always have bad things happen to end this wonderful night ?

Dearest bebe ,

Dun cry anymore !
Sorry we couldnt help to find your belongings back but we did tried our best .
Take it as a new start of every single thing in 2010 alright.

What goes around comes around!

You're a strong & independent gal . Move on and smile again okay :)

26th dec '09 sat

I'm sick !!! Actually skipped this night but i still make it there :)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

24th Dec '09 thurs

Merry Xmas everyone !!

Xmas eve Countdown @ Dblo